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Book Review: Trusting Liam

Ok, ok so I just spent all day reading Trusting Liam and am exploding to start this review but first!

I’ve been terrible at updating, like beyond terrible… I got awkwardly overwhelmed starting all kinds of books and not finishing ANY of them. You ever get that feeling when you’re in front of a buffet and just want everything? So you take a little bit of everything, because you can’t bear to leave anything behind, but then when you get back to your table all you see is a mess of all kinds of foods? That was me with books. I just had to have them all and over the weekend I got to a point where I didn’t pick up a book from Friday night until Monday.

But I’m back, and now it’s finally time for Liam!!

Trusting Liam by Molly McAdams

Read on my nook
Date read: 6/09/15
Playlist: I wasn’t listening to much while I read this cause I was trying to sneak pages all day through work and my commute, but definitely some songs that stuck out today while reading this are:

  • Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran
  • Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King
  • Counting on Love by Matt McAndrew
  • Friends by Ed Sheeran
  • This Could Be Us by Rae Sremmurd
  • Co-Pilot by Andy Grammer
  • Young & Crazy by Frankie Ballard

Background info: First of all this book is part of a series. Actually, it is the product of two different series by Molly McAdams colliding. While it can be read without the previous books, I would highly recommend reading them. You’ll feel everything so much more, especially the parts about Liam’s dad. If you read this on your own Liam’s background might be a bit harder to understand. Either way, I would highly recommend reading Taking Chances, Stealing Harper, Forgiving Lies and Deceiving Lies.  [Ok, so this is where I admit I never actually read Deceiving Lies. While I loved Kash and Rachel in Forgiving Lies, my personal preference is to stay away from mobs and gangs so I never got around to Deceiving Lies.] Oh! If you want to know Liam’s boss’ story, also read Changing Everything, which is Eli and Paisley’s story and they’re pretty adorable.

The Story: Kennedy and Liam meet for one night in Vegas. They have a passionate night that neither of them can stop thinking about for months after, however when Liam wakes up, Kennedy is gone, and Liam is left with no way to find her. One year later, Liam’s boss asks him to look after/hang out with his nieces who are moving from Florida. Of course, one of the nieces is Kennedy. Kennedy is closed off due to some event in her past and refuses to let Liam in. Liam doesn’t give up easily, every time he pushes Kennedy, he sees that behind her words, her eyes are telling her a completely different story, so he continues trying to pursue her. Everything is going great for quite a while, well as great as it can be when Liam is quickly falling deep and Kennedy is constantly trying to close herself off, when their relationship comes to a halt. Kennedy’s past comes back and she’s torn between her past and present. Kennedy has to make a decision while Liam is stuck wondering whether he was right by backing off or if he should start pushing back.

The Feels: Ok, seriously? This book gave me ALL the feels. Liam is the perfect combination of strong, sexy, confident, playful, vulnerable. I mean he’s the perfect book boyfriend. At times, I just wanted to slap some sense into Kennedy. She’s so focused on what she’s “supposed” to be feeling that she doesn’t end up just listing to her heart. Every mention of Chase is heartbreaking, but also heartwarming. You get to see that this family was able to keep his memory alive for all these years and Liam learns to appreciate the man he never knew. Brandon and Brian are awesome as far as helping Liam reminisce as well as giving him advice and helping him work through all his feelings. Ok, when Liam is going into that flashback while explaining his family to Kennedy, if you’re heart didn’t break a little when you read “Okay, princess”, then I don’t even know. Of course, he didn’t know what that meant but did he have to react that way?? That was probably the only time I wanted to slap Liam.

Ok, let’s talk about some other characters:

  • Kira- Kennedy’s twin is basically a teenager throwing a temper tantrum. At times she funny but mostly it’s just hard to catch up to her mood swings.
  • Kristi- Now that’s a sister I like. Liam’s sister is feisty and she’s not scared to defend her own.
  • Rhys- Kennedy’s blast from the past. Actually, I don’t hate him… Though I do think his decision in this end is highly questionable. I mean? It’s weird right?
  • Eli- Kennedy’s uncle is Liam’s boss. He’s been a mentor to him for many years and Liam really looks up to him. He also really looks out for and worries about Liam outside the workplace.

Stars: 4.5 (Only because I really wanted more Harper. I mean doesn’t a man ever need to just go to his mommy for advice?? Just saying.)

If you’re completely bored and want to see some of the notes I made while reading this, head over to my Goodreads page:


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