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Book Review – Why Lie?

Why Lie? by Carey Heywood

why-lieRating: 5/5 stars


Why Lie?

People here think they know me.
They assume things about me because of the way I dress and my tattoos.
I am so much more.

I thought you saw that.

So, I let you in.
You made it easy to fall for you.
Turns out I was the only one falling.
I hope you’re happy.
No, that’s a lie and you’re better than I am at telling those.

The Feels:

If whatever you are working toward is worth it, you do what it takes to succeed. Sydney Fairlane is worth it.

Oh Heath, precious Heath. Heath is the ultimate good guy, until he makes a drunken mistake. In the aftermath of this mistake, he tries to do the “good guy” thing and ends up breaking Sydney’s heart. Heath and Sydney happened quickly, but it was meaningful for both of them. After Heath’s mistake, it’s hard for Sydney to forgive and forget quite so easily.

I’d rather apologize to her for the rest of my life than live with the regret of not trying.

I love that Heath refused to give up. He stuck around and showed Sydney that he was really in it. That he really believed in them. Sydney has a tough girl exterior, but on the inside she’s just a person that gets hurt and feels inadequate at times. She doesn’t believe she’s good enough for Heath and Heath’s mistake further proves that. Once she starts to let Heath back in, she does so tentatively, he’s burned her before, and he has the capacity to leave her in pieces. Sidney refuses to let her heart be vulnerable at the hands of Heath Mackey again.

I absolutely LOVE that Heath’s friends take in Sydney so easily and happily, they’re truly great people and Sydney deserves people like her around her, especially after her so called friends turn out to be literally the worst.

I’m intrigued by the tiny bit of Trip/Reilly chemistry and low key hope that’ll be who Reilly ends up with. Either way, I’m very excited about Reilly’s story!!

This book had me feeling all the feelings, all the happiness and broken heartedness. I was laughing, I was crying and that’s all I want from a book. Sydney is tough and I LOVED her! I also loved how solid she was for Heath when he truly needed her. This book is an amazing story! A perfectly written second chance for what could be your great love.

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