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Random Ramblings

This post is completely unrelated to books, but bear with me for a second.

When I started this blog I was stumbling through names. I was so stuck on this part, it’s ridiculous, but in the background I had a country award show playing. Now, my love for country music is fairly recent. When my college roommate used to play country music I would give her all kinds of evil side eye and she’d just laugh. But really, could I relate to being on “some beach, somewhere,” sure. But I just really didn’t want to.

A couple of years later Taylor Swift exploded into mainstream and country started popping up everywhere. Blake Shelton was on The Voice, Luke Bryan was shaking his beautiful, beautiful ass everywhere. I couldn’t resist, I mean, who could.

So on that particular night last year, I was just listening to country music while thinking of clever, fun names and deleting them. Until Dierks Bentley came on singing Drunk on a Plane. I had never heard a Dierks song before, but I didn’t care. I was in instalove with this song. So came to be Drunk On A Book.

Last week I found myself in Riviera Maya in the middle of Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa and it was a complete dream. Being at the beach in the middle of the biggest snowstorm of the year was unreal. And, Saturday night, I finally got to see Dierks Bentley up close. Singing Drunk on a Plane seemingly just for me and it was magical.

Ok, random rambling over. Back to our previously scheduled gushing over books. Follow me on twitter, I talk books A LOT!!

Here’s some pictures of Dierks and the third one is Dierks with Cole Swindell::

Currently Reading: Chasing Spring by RS Grey (see previous post for release blitz)
Currently Listening to: Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez- We Don’t Talk Anymore


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