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Quick Reviews

Ok, so I’ve been on such a roll this past couple of days so tonight I’m posting a bunch of small reviews for some of my latest reads.

Anything More Than Now by Rebecca Paula [coming Jan 26]- preorder

Noah and Reagan are everything!!!

They’ve both gone through a lot and aren’t quite ready to make a real commitment to someone else.

Noah has loved Reagan from afar for years and is not sure how to make his move after all this time has gone by.

Reagan’s experiences have led her to be cold and determined. She doesn’t easily let people in and that certainly includes Noah.

They start something surrounded by secrets and regrets and that soon turns into something more. They both have their secrets and understand each other’s need to keep them to themselves. Even though neither is pushing the other to reveal their secrets, the secrets keep this wall between them.

I was so conflicted about their upcoming separation and when it finally came around it basically turned my world upside down cause I didn’t expect everything that would happen in that time.

I always end up loving when couples have time apart to grow and mend because their HEA is so much sweeter.

Also, can we just talk about how amazing Rebecca’s writing is?? The way her words ebb and flow is magical and gives the narrative a dreamy quality. Especially in Noah’s POV.

I know it’s only January, but I see this being one of my faves of 2016.


Never Never Part 3 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher- Amazon

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Ok, so in my head, I’ve complained endless times about this book. Why is it in 3 parts, why did part 3 take (seemingly) forever. But in reality, I could have waited years to get just a little bit more of Silas and Charlie. I love Colleen Hoover and anything she does is amazing to me. I’ve also recently started getting into Tarryn Fisher and started kicking myself for not starting sooner.

I love Silas and Charlie. They’re both so different in their personalities but the love they have for each other is stronger than anything else.

I went through the first 2 books creating all sorts of theories in my head. I mean, they live in New Orleans, witchcraft is 100% an option. But, what really happens to them? and how they pull through it? I loved it more than I could love anything.

… and that ending, it kinda broke my heart.

This book is all about the true power of love and I loved every mysterious second of it.

Appealed by Emma Chase – Amazon

What’s not to love about Brent Mason? I’m in love with everything about him, and when Kennedy Randolph walks back into his life he’s determined to make sure she falls in love with everything about him too.

They have a few obstacles to overcome before they reach happily ever after. They’re working opposite sides of the same case and they have their past in between them.

I felt for them so much when you realize they could have been together all along if there hadn’t been misunderstandings between them but I think that just helps their HEA be that much sweeter. It also gives them both a chance to grow up into amazing people.

I LOVED that extended epilogue soooo much!!!! And the regular epilogue was all kinds of rewarding!

This is a second chance love story that will have you rooting for them from the very beginning!!


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