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Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle

Just get over the first line of the book and I promise you’ll fall in love with Josh. It’s rare that I connect more with the guy’s POV in a book, but the way Josh is written makes you root for him, makes you want to see him happy. You’re in the passenger seat for Josh’s adventure, just along for the ride. When he’s happy, you’re happy, when his heart breaks, your heart breaks. This book had me ugly crying in my bedroom at 2am in the morning, so way to go Karina Halle, well done. Yes, ok, Josh is a tad (and by a tad I mean a lot) like a crass, horny teenager for a 23 year old guy, but really, that’s how 23 year old guys are in real life, outside of books. So, if you can get over the first line, you just might fall in love with Josh like I did. And if all else fails, you will definitely fall in love with New Zealand.

Seeing Stars by J. Sterling

I loved this book and really wanted to keep reading about Walker and Madison. I mean, the story makes perfect sense and doesn’t need any more filler, but for my own personal enjoyment I just wanted to stay in their world for a little longer. It also gave me an excuse to daydream a little more about Ed Sheeran, because even though Walker is nothing like Ed, I am absolutely astounded by the way he can control a crowd in a giant stadium just by standing there by himself with his guitar, no big production behind him, no band to cover him, just him, and that’s how I see Walker.

Walker is so gone on Madison from the first moment he sees her and will stop at nothing to have her. Its perfect.

One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker (Ten Tiny Breaths #2)


I love Livie and the fact that she finally gets to let loose and come into her own. Ashton is perfect as her handsome, troubled counterbalance and I love that we get to revisit some old faces. Love this series!

Livie has a set plan. Everything she wants is laid out in front of her for the taking, she just has to follow the path she has laid out for herself. And it’s all working for her, until she meets a beautiful, challenging boy at her first college party, on her first drunken night and he gives her her first kiss.

She can’t get Ashton out of her mind, even after she meets seemingly perfect Connor. She thinks Connor is the perfect guy but can’t seem to make herself stop thinking about bad boy Ashton.

Ashton is more than the exterior he portrays, however, he keeps his cards close to his chest. Until Livie starts to crack his armor.

Together, they will find out that plans can change, and that their world can continue and move forward even if they change their minds.

Upside Down by Lia Riley- (Off The Map #1)

I found this book while browsing the shelves at the library in my hotel during vacation and I am SO glad I did. I fell in love with Talia and Bran right away. I can’t wait to keep reading their story!

I love how Talia’s OCD is handled. I think it’s truthful. Sometimes OCD gets overplayed or downplayed and this is the truth of a regular girl triggered by her anxieties and her fears. Bran sees right through her right away and she doesn’t know how to handle it. She’s never had someone notice all of her and still want her for HER.

Brandon’s also gone through things that have left him jaded and empty, however, with Talia he’s able to start opening himself up for the possibility of love and a future.

Together they manage to find their “perfect”.

Broken by Lies by Rebecca Shea


I absolutely hate when I go into a series blind. I mean, obviously that was my own fault for not noticing that it would leave me with a cliffhanger but still….

Besides that I was surprised at how much I liked this story. I don’t usually get into books with mafias or cartels or whatever. Call me crazy but I like my romantic stories to be simple. Anyway, I really enjoyed this one.

Alex is in charge of his family’s cartel and you can see how he struggles. If he could, he would just up and leave but that’s not an option for him. When he meets Emilia he starts to see that the world is wider than the world his father has provided him and starts to feel like maybe he could leave for the right reasons, for her.

Emilia is lost and alone and falls herself falling into Alex’s life. She has no idea what she’s doing but once she starts falling for this complicated man, she realizes walking away from him and his life will not be an easy task.

There’s a lot of twists in this one, some you expect and some that just make everything so much more complicated. Can’t wait to get started on the next one, because obviously I cannot be left with this cliffhanger.


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